xMatters vs PagerDuty

Learn Why ITOps Teams Trust PagerDuty Over xMatters

When Business Continuity and Mass Notifications Are Not Enough for Managing Modern Operations

Enable your DevOps teams to do more than just monitor and react to silo-ed alerts. Give them full visibility into application and service performance and impact of deploys across the entire IT infrastructure, for continuous delivery.

Full-Stack Visibility and Actionable Insights for Your Business

Move beyond IT alerting with complete event intelligence and response orchestration. Time series visualizations of correlated events show every dimension of application performance and infrastructure health. IT teams and business stakeholders can obtain the unified view necessary to gain the full visibility required to align both technical and business incident response.

Cloud-Native Service with Enterprise-Grade Security and Reliability

Thinking about moving to the cloud with your existing vendor? Choose the industry-leading platform that delivers flexibility and reliability to analyze trends and track performance at any scale. 300+ integrations and extensions allow you to send your data over SSL. Multiple FISMA certified data centers, availability zones, and cloud vendors ensure your data is always available.

Smart Alerting with Live Response

Enable anyone to reach your on-call teams to report incidents simply by calling a local or international phone number so you can resolve incidents faster. Inbound calls get routed via the same on-call schedules and escalation policies you already have in place, so anyone can reach the right responder immediately or leave a voicemail that becomes part of the incident.

Centralize All Data From Anywhere

Whether it’s an email, JSON, XML, support call, helpdesk ticket, voicemail, or anything that can run a script, PagerDuty can understand the data you send and transform it into an actionable event in real-time. With the PagerDuty API, you can write your own custom code and embed it directly within PagerDuty to extend functionality for any custom tool.

Collaborate with the Right Team, Every Time

Work with the right team with your choice of collaboration tools. Bi-directional integrations with ChatOps tools help you respond immediately without switching platforms. Enlisting any expert at scale with event details and response notes is as simple as clicking a button, and unlike other tools, you can use any call-bridge for real-time collaboration.

Suppress, Group & Prioritize Alerts to Reduce Noise

Intelligently adjust alert and incident behavior and get notified immediately about actionable events, while retaining insights into leading edge indicators of bigger problems. You can group related alerts to consolidate critical context into a single incident, significantly reducing noise, enabling easier cross-functional handoffs and reduced response times.