ROI is the True Measurement of DevOps Success

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Digital transformation creates the need for DevOps organizations to undergo rapid changes and encourage the adoption of new ways of thinking, developing, and operating. Today, businesses are rapidly increasing their focus on quickly identifying ways to drive greater results.

These challenges require new practices and methodologies to drive agility and efficiency among coexisting members of development and IT operations teams. This transformation directly impacts members within an organization and raises new questions: What is the impact of introducing DevOps practices on the business overall? How can ROI be measured to justify establishing a DevOps organization? What is considered a valuable return on investment? How does this compare to peer groups, competition, and industries at large?

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  • Why DevOps matters to organizations embracing digital transformation today
  • How to make the right decisions that drive better business value across the organization
  • What are the different methods for measuring ROI
  • The impact of embracing DevOps on ROI and to members of the organization
  • Why enterprises shouldn’t be afraid of DevOps

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Dylan Silva
Principal Product Manager
Red Hat

An early Ansible Core community member who managed a SaaS application platform from provision to production deployment in Ansible’s early days with the tool. Dylan now works on providing integrations/modules for the Tower platform and Ansible Core with other services. He specializes in Application Performance Management, CICD processes, and Developer Advocacy for Ansible Core. He is a Linux and OSS diehard, Internet Geek, Gamer, and Technologist as an alter ego.

Eric Sigler
Head of DevOps at PagerDuty

Eric Sigler is the Head of DevOps for PagerDuty, evangelizing culture, automation, measurement, and sharing. Prior to his current role, he lead the Developer Tools team at PagerDuty, which implemented Continuous Deployment in the company’s infrastructure. Previously, he was the Technical Operations Manager at Minted, fighting to improve holiday cheer through high availability, and Manager of Computing Systems at Missouri S&T.

David Hayes
Director of Platform Strategy at PagerDuty

Dave Hayes is a product person and data nerd at PagerDuty, scaling the most reliable way of waking up the IT world. Dave can be comfortably blamed for anything you hate about PagerDuty’s product, but he’d rather talk about integrating your product with PagerDuty, PagerDuty’s APIs or his JavaScript wrapper, or rock climbing and Mario Kart.