Make Your Incident Response a Business Response


Outages Happen.
How Are You Informing Your Customers?

Digital incidents are an unfortunate fact of life. You have the processes in place to orchestrate a technical response, but do you have processes for how to communicate the right information about outages with business stakeholders, such as senior management? What about your customers?

To minimize damage to your company’s brand, it’s critical to seamlessly extend incident response beyond just technical teams when problems occur. Other business teams—such as those that need to take action outside of the immediate response process—and senior management also need to be informed.

That’s why the PagerDuty Solution for Business Response integrates business communications right into the incident response workflow, using key features in PagerDuty Modern Incident Response.

What Is The PagerDuty Solution for Business Response?

  • Ensure business response is an extension of incident response. Keeping your non-technical business users informed about the status of outages shouldn’t require costly add-ons to your incident response systems that need to be separately configured and integrated. When incidents happen, PagerDuty ensures business-oriented communications are instantly available and updated live as the incident progresses.
  • Self-service subscription to understand relevant business impact. Users can subscribe to the systems and services they care about before incidents happen. When disruptions occur, PagerDuty can automatically inform users of disruptions to systems and services that matter, at the level of detail that they care about.
  • Stay informed wherever you are. Comprehensive web and mobile interfaces, coupled with push, SMS, and email notifications, means you’ll never miss a status update.

Customer Love

"PagerDuty helps us to identify early issues in the supply chain and allows us to take action to mitigate the issues and prevent customer impact."

—Daniel Gebler, CTO, Picnic

Status dashboard

Displays the health of pre-selected business services so that employees can understand current health, review what has happened historically, and view any upcoming services changes like maintenance, upgrades, etc.

Audience-specific dashboards

Customize dashboards so that departments and stakeholder groups can create an optimized view of what matters to them.

Business service subscription

Business users can proactively select which business services they care about, enabling real-time status updates whenever a relevant incident occurs.

Managed stakeholder updates

Easily deliver updates to specific executive stakeholders for any incident, without requiring executives to self-manage subscriptions.