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Why 12,000 Organizations Choose PagerDuty

Centralize Alerts and Events Across All Your Tools
Connect any of your 3rd party tools via 300+ native integrations and workflow extensions with popular monitoring, ticketing, collaboration and ChatOps tools, or integrate any custom tool to PagerDuty via an extensive API. All events are automatically normalized and easily filterable, and can be dynamically grouped and suppressed, so you can triage and prioritize critical issues across your services.
Automate and Orchestrate the Ideal Response
Ensure that responders actively work on critical incidents via automated on-call rotation and enable them to choose their preferred communication method — SMS, push, email or phone call. Control frequency and timeout intervals for escalation based on event urgency and time of day. Provide responders with enriched incidents and context including embedded iframes, images, runbook links, and more for faster incident response.
Enlist Responders and Collaborate with Ease
Collaborate with the right experts and teams via your choice of collaboration tools. Bi-directional integrations with ChatOps tools provide the ability to respond immediately and view synced incident details and work activity without having to switch platforms. Engage experts at any scale while providing them with event details and response notes via the click of a button and collaborate in real-time over a call bridge via any preferred conferencing provider.
Triage and Focus on Critical Issues
Intelligently adjust alert and incident behavior so responders can get notified immediately about actionable events and retain insights into leading edge indicators of potential bigger problems. Consolidate critical context into a single incident to streamline cross-functional handoffs, reduce noise, and improve response times.
Learn to Improve Your Operations
Incident scribing, conferencing, bi-directional ChatOps and ticketing tool integrations, and a clear view of response status during an outage help teams orchestrate a coordinated response.
View Actionable Insights Across Your Infrastructure and Operations
Explore time series visualizations of correlated events that reveal application performance and infrastructure health insights that are critical to your business. A unified view delivers the full visibility required for aligning technical and business incident response. And with Stakeholder Engagement, orchestrate coordinated real-time communications across IT teams and business stakeholders.

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Award-Winning Service

Award winning service with numerous industry and customer validations. Why choose anyone else?

We have confidence in PagerDuty and no longer have to worry about unnecessarily long outages and revenue loss.

Mary Moore-Simmons, Engineering Operations

Start using PagerDuty today

Automate incident resolution and eliminate the chaos when managing unexpected issues. Operate and deliver uninterrupted service at any scale with PagerDuty.