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Trek Medics Expands Critical Services with the PagerDuty Operations Cloud

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Size: 1-100

Industry: Nonprofit

Location: San Diego, CA

Customer Since: 2021

Trek Medics International is an NGO in San Diego, CA dedicated to improving access to emergency response networks in communities worldwide through innovative mobile phone technologies. Trek Medics’ Beacon crisis response software, built using the PagerDuty Operations Cloud, allows first responders to alert, coordinate and track emergency response networks. Seconds matter for mission-driven organizations such as Trek Medics and downtime can mean a delay in critical service delivery. Whether it’s operating a suicide hotline, delivering disaster relief, facilitating time-critical healthcare delivery, or monitoring safe water levels, reliability, efficiency and availability are essential.


“Like Beacon, PagerDuty offers their own emergency response system—albeit for technology companies with complex software systems. PagerDuty is a dispatching system for engineers. What PagerDuty does for Beacon’s engineers, is what Beacon does for first responders. So you know where the problem is happening, and who needs to go.”

– Jason Friesen, MPH, EMT, Founder & Executive Director, Trek Medics


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This video was produced for PagerDuty and TrekMedics by BBC StoryWorks Commercial Productions.