The Importance of Digital Operations Management

Digital services power how people buy, sell, work, connect, learn, and even live. The rise of digital offers organizations opportunities to innovate and scale more efficiently. But managing digital services is a whole new world, where every moment is a moment of truth.

Customers demand perfection, and organizations have seconds, not hours, to solve digital problems -- otherwise suffer growing volumes of lost revenue, churned customers, and lost productivity.

A new class of work

In the age of real-time expectations, the responsibility for getting things right is now happening at the grassroots level—the people touching the technologies and users. They must be empowered to make the right decisions in real time, all the time.

The Solution:
Real-Time Operations

Real-time operations is the new paradigm for operations—where every team and team member, department, and leader is involved, informed, and aligned around the best plan of action when seconds matter.

Organizations need a real-time operations solution that helps them meet the following criteria:

Clarity in the face of complexity

Teams can decipher a complex universe of digital signals and immediately identify the right plan of action to prevent or respond to an incident.

Actionable insights in seconds

Teams are empowered to draw conclusions from data immediately, understanding root cause, adjacent dependencies and business impact, and more in seconds.

Real-time response to any signal

System down. Website slow. Security breach. Customer complaint. For any unexpected issue, take the right action to handle it in seconds.

Proactively prevent incidents

Identify and prevent potential incidents before they occur by implementing automated resolution—so your business isn’t impacted.

Dynamic workflows with adaptive learning

Teams can adapt response with lessons learned from each incident, using postmortem analytics to understand what worked and what could be improved.

John Callery

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