New Relic Legacy Alerting V1 Integration Guide

New Relic is an all-in-one web application performance tool that lets you see performance from the end user experience down to the line of application code. Combining real user monitoring, application monitoring, and availability monitoring in a single solution built from the ground up, New Relic lets developers and operations teams manage web application performance in real-time. New Relic integration with PagerDuty is done through PagerDuty Connect.

Existing PagerDuty customers get New Relic Lite for free! Getting started only takes a few minutes. Just head over to New Relic and sign-up for an account.

Note: If you’re using the new New Relic Alerts system, you’ll want to check out our New Relic Alerts Integration Guide instead.

In New Relic

  1. From your New Relic account go to Tools and then select Alert Policies.
  2. Click on Channels and groups and then select PagerDuty as the channel type.
  3. Click on Create and then Alert with PagerDuty. Please note that you will need to be an admin to complete this step.
  4. Enter your PagerDuty email and password, then click the Authorize Integration button.
  5. Enter a name for your service and select an escalation policy to use for notifications.  Click on the Finish Integration button.  If there is an existing New Relic service, you can also select it for the integration.
  6. You have now successfully created a PagerDuty channel.  Make sure to select the appropriate Notification level that you’d like to receive alerts, and then click Save my changes.
  7. Find the application policy that you would like to send alerts to PagerDuty, then click on Alert channels.
  8. Select your newly created PagerDuty channel and then click Save now.
  9. Congratulations – your integration is complete! Alerts within your application policy will now trigger and resolve PagerDuty alerts. Within the PagerDuty interface, there will be a link – View in New Relic – that will take you directly to the associated alert within New Relic.


Can you associate New Relic with more than one PagerDuty service?

Yes, you can tie New Relic to multiple PagerDuty services.  This is extremely useful for dividing your alerts up to different escalation policies so that the proper team is notified for an incident.  You will need to create multiple PagerDuty channels within New Relic.  Once you have created the multiple channels, you will associate the appropriate channel with the appropriate application policy within New Relic.

Will PagerDuty incidents automatically resolve once the New Relic alert is cleared?

Yes, PagerDuty incidents will automatically resolve when the alert ends within New Relic. Do you have additional questions? Please contact with questions.

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