OneLogin SSO Integration Guide

OneLogin is a single-sign on provider, which makes it easy to manage your SAAS application logins and permissions. PagerDuty is available within the OneLogin app catalog.  This makes it easy to manage access to your PagerDuty account.

Required User Permissions

You must be the Account Owner of your PagerDuty account in order to make these changes. Additionally, SSO capabilities within PagerDuty are only available on our Business and Digital Operations plans. Please contact our sales team if you are interested in upgrading your plan.


In OneLogin

1. Select the Apps tab, click Find apps, and then search for PagerDuty.

2. Click the Add button once the PagerDuty app appears.

3. Check SAML2.0 for the Connector version, then click Continue.

4. Select the Configuration tab, then enter your PagerDuty subdomain in the Account ID field.

5. Select the Single Sign-on tab.

In PagerDuty

6. Open a new tab and log in to your PagerDuty account. Navigate to your User Icon and select Account Settings.

7. Select the Single Sign-on tab and then select the SAML radio button.  Note:  If you do not see this tab, please contact our sales team as you will need to update your account to the Enterprise plan.

8. From your OneLogin tab, copy the HTTP SAML Endpoint and paste it into the Login URL field in PagerDuty.

9. From your OneLogin tab, copy the x.509 certificate and paste it into the X.509 Certificate field in PagerDuty.

10. If you would still like your users to be able to log in to PagerDuty with their username and password that’s not managed by OneLogin, check the Allow username/password login box.

12. If you would like PagerDuty users to be automatically created once a user logs in to PagerDuty from OneLogin, check the Auto-provision users on first login box.

Note:  You may be billed for additional users if this setting is selected.  Please contact our sales or support team if you have any questions.

13. Click Save Changes.

14. Lastly, navigate back to your OneLogin tab and save your OneLogin app by clicking the Update button.

You will now be able to log in to PagerDuty from your OneLogin console!  Alternatively, when you go to your PagerDuty subdomain, you can log in with your identity provider by selecting Sign In with your Identity Provider.

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