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  • Fully redundant, unlimited email and push notifications
    Unlimited worldwide push and email notifications. Our infrastructure sends millions of notifications every week via email and mobile push.
  • Fully redundant, unlimited SMS and phone notifications to U.S. and Canada
    35 cents/message to all other countries. Our infrastructure sends millions of notifications every week via SMS and phone.
  • Alert triage and deduplication
    Normalize, group, and consolidate all relevant alerts/context in a single view for easy identification, prioritization, and collaboration on critical issues.
  • Manage incidents with iOS and Android mobile apps
    The most effective way to resolve incidents using PagerDuty: Respond any time, any place, all from PagerDuty’s mobile apps.
  • Out-of-the box interoperability with 250+ tools
    Inbound integrations with monitoring, security, deployment, and other tools.
  • Event Routing
    Manage how alerts route to services and notify based on their payloads.
  • Knowledge Base and Community
    Find answers to common questions in our knowledge base and community.
  • One-year data retention
    Visibility into how your team is doing for up to one year.
  • Everything on Lite, Plus
  • Fully redundant, unlimited domestic SMS and phone notifications
    Domestic is based on country of billing. Each user gets 25 SMS or phone notifications outside of the country of billing. Our infrastructure sends millions of notifications every week via SMS and phone.
  • Self-serve on-call scheduling
    Teams can manage their own on-call schedules and use custom rotation types to ensure the right person is always on call.
  • Custom notification workflows
    Use alert content, time of day, day of week, and more to get the right responder for any incident. Control whether to use phone, SMS, and mobile notifications for immediate response or just send an email reminder that can be handled during business hours.
  • Out-of-the-box interoperability with over 300+ tools
    Bi-directional integrations with monitoring, security, collaboration, deployment, and other tools.
  • Full API access
    Extend PagerDuty’s capabilities in business context through PagerDuty's full featured API.
  • Email and Chat Support
    Get your questions answered via email and chat.
  • Everything on Platform Team, Plus
  • Fully redundant, unlimited global SMS and phone notifications
    Unlimited notifications via phone, SMS, push, and email to over 170 countries.
  • Single Sign-On
    Control access and let users log in faster with Google Authentication—or with any SAML provider like ADFS, Okta, or OneLogin
  • Advanced Permissions
    Includes both user- and team-based permissions and visibility control, so users and teams can administer independently while operating effectively.
  • Organizational Hierarchy
    Organize your users and services into teams and share only what’s relevant.
  • Integrate with ITSM tools
    Synchronize critical incidents from tools like ServiceNow, JIRA, BMC Remedy, and others to PagerDuty for real-time response and visibility, and also push monitoring tool incidents from PagerDuty into your ITSM system of record for tracking.
  • User, team, and system health reports
    Analyze metrics across teams and users to measure and improve productivity while mitigating burnout. View system and service health metrics such as MTTA and MTTR, and export granular reports.
  • Award-Winning Support
    Get your questions answered via phone, email, and chat by a team with consistently 95%+ customer satisfaction ratings.
  • Unlimited data retention
    Reference and report on incidents and trends over time to understand your team's evolution
  • Everything on Platform Business, Plus
  • Free Stakeholder Users
    Business stakeholders can receive real-time status updates during incidents to improve organization-wide response. Stakeholder Users are free up to the number of full users in the account.
  • Live Call Routing
    Reach on-call teams immediately by calling a phone number that routes calls according to on-call schedules and escalation policies.
  • Automated Precision Mobilization
    Go from triage to mobilizing the right cross-functional team in seconds from any device, or automate to instantly go from signal to action. Take advantage of pre-configured conference bridges and full incident context to accelerate engagement and resolution.
  • Stakeholder Communication
    Keep stakeholders throughout the business informed with real-time status updates, empowering the entire company to collaborate without interrupting technical responders.
  • Incident Priority
    Easily classify incidents with your organization’s priority scheme (P1 - P5, SEV1 - SEV5) and define the ideal response for any priority.
  • Postmortems
    Streamline timeline creation and the entire postmortem process, so you can spend more time learning how to get better at resolving and preventing incidents.
  • Business Impact Dashboard and Metrics
    View mobile-based live operational status for all your business services and enable true ownership by providing a live view of customer and business impact while incidents are happening.
  • Operations Dashboard
    Visualize the health of applications, services, infrastructure, and major incidents while managing incident response workflows—all in one place.
  • Intelligent Alert Grouping
    Reduce noise and focus response by automatically grouping related alerts into actionable incidents with time-based clustering or adaptive machine learning.
  • Similar Incidents
    Surface context from previous incidents to speed triage and resolution.
  • Advanced Event Actions
    Enrich events with remediation information, and set custom time windows and threshold logic on event rules.
  • Designated Customer Success Manager*
    Work with one of our dedicated CSMs to ensure that you hit the ground running faster. *This feature is only available for customers who have 100 users or more.