On-Call Management and Notifications

PagerDuty’s on-call management capabilities make it simple to distribute on-call responsibilities across your teams. World-class organizations use PagerDuty as DevOps best practice to enforce accountability and quality as they onboard new services at scale. With PagerDuty’s intuitive, flexible scheduling and escalations, organizations can ensure the exact right people are notified every time.

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On-call scheduling and escalations are key to equitably distributing workloads while safeguarding the business with 24x7 coverage.

Reach the Right

Ensure that operational issues and incidents are always sent to the right individual or teams that can address them in real time.

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Get notified and take action on issues immediately, from any device, wherever you may be.

"PagerDuty is a critical part of our alerting mechanisms and has helped us handle issues at all times of the night. We’d be pretty unhappy without it."

Mike Fiedler, Datadog


Product Capabilities

Live Call Routing

Enable anyone to reach your on-call teams immediately to report incidents simply by calling a phone number. Inbound calls get routed via the same on-call schedules and escalation policies you use for your critical apps and services with PagerDuty, so anyone can reach the right responder immediately or leave a voicemail that becomes an incident.


Service and Team Organization

Model your services in PagerDuty as they actually exist in your infrastructure. Drive both clarity and accountability by aligning services and component ownership instead of getting alerts from siloed tools. Use service profiles to access helpful information for each service, like team ownership, who is on call, past alerts and incidents, dependent services, and preferred communication channels.


Flexible, Dynamic Notifications

Send notifications to one or multiple responders via custom-defined methods such as SMS messages, mobile app push notifications, phone calls, or emails (supporting both rich HTML and plain text messages). Increase recipient engagement through branded email notifications, and customize notification channels and behavior based on event payload, service, or time of day.


User-Friendly Scheduling

Set up on-call schedules to support any kind of standard or custom rotation (weekly, weekend, follow-the-sun, etc.). Employees can be automatically reminded when their on-call shifts are about to begin. PagerDuty on-call schedules can also be viewed on any mobile device and synced with your company’s apps like Sharepoint, Outlook, iCal, or Google Calendar.


Self-Serve Schedule Management

Team members can easily schedule overrides, ensuring that resource staffing information is kept up-to-date to maximize transparency. Delegate schedule management and leverage role-based access controls to ensure managers and on-call engineers can only modify their own schedules.


Automated Escalations

Incidents are automatically escalated to secondary responders or management to prevent any issue from ever slipping through the cracks. Live Call Routing uses the same global escalation policies to forward live phone calls from anyone to on-call staff. Voicemails become incidents, and we also provide a phone tree option to support multiple teams.


Mobile Incident Management

Mobile apps for iOS and Android make it easy to action incidents on the go. View schedules, deploy custom incident actions, add responders, escalate, and more, directly from the mobile app. Getting started with mobile is simple—use our guided setup best practices to ensure responders receive important pages day or night.


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