Best Practices for Being On-Call

Welcome to the on-call life. Being on-call can be a daunting experience for any new team member. There is only one thing worse than being woken up at 3am to discover that your systems are down — to wake up on your own at 8am and discover that your systems were down for 5 hours and nobody
got the alert!

With the right approach, a culture of collaboration, infrastructure insight, and the right tools in place, being on-call doesn’t have to be so bad.

In this On-Call Survival Guide:

  • What is “On-Call”?
  • On-call responsibilities (and not responsibilities)
  • On-call etiquette to follow
  • Recommendations for starting your own on-call rotations

This guide provides a look at how PagerDuty prepares its team members for going on-call. It’s our hope that you’ll use this as a starting point to formalize your own processes.

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