Runbook Automation

Operate faster with a fully managed SaaS platform.

$ 125 per user

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  • Replace manual procedures with automated runbooks
  • Out-of the-box plugins to common systems and infrastructure
  • Integrated with SSO & cloud secrets management systems
  • Invoke automation through web, CLI, APIs or integrated applications
  • Securely connects to remote environments

Process Automation

Maximize flexibility with a self-managed process automation platform.

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Runbook Actions Plan, plus:

  • Turn business and IT processes into single-click routines
  • Plug in to any system or infrastructure
  • Integrated with SSO & cloud secrets management systems
  • Invoke automation through web, CLI, API’s or integrated applications
  • Securely connects disparate environments

Extend your Automation capabilities with these add-ons


Runbook Automation for Incident Management

PagerDuty Incident Management customers (Business or better) can add Runbook Automation and get the integration capabilities of Automation Actions to diagnose and remediate incidents at discounted pricing.

$ 59 per user

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Automate diagnostics and remediation for faster resolution.

  • Full PagerDuty Runbook Automation managed SaaS environment
  • Includes Automation Actions capabilities for Incident Management, AIOps, and CSOps
  • Securely connect external automation into PagerDuty Operations Cloud to diagnose and remediate incidents.

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