Our Other Environmental Impacts

Energy Consumption

We measure our total energy consumption, resulting from the heating and cooling and the use of electricity in our leased offices. See our Decarbonization Roadmap for information about our energy reduction and decarbonization strategies.

Our most recent energy consumption totals are as follows:

​FY24 FY23
Scope 1 512 752
Scope 2 5,089 5,414
Total 5,601 6,166

Energy consumption is reported in GJ.

Water Consumption

We do not operate data centers and thus do not consume water for data center cooling needs. We estimate water consumption for our real estate footprint using a per-FTE average consumption, consistent with typical commercial office space. 

Our most recent water consumption totals are as follows:

​FY24 FY23
Water 0.65 0.90

Water consumption is reported in thousands of cubic meters (x 1000 m³).