Secure Once, Run Anywhere

Aqua’s security platform protects cloud native applications across their entire lifecycle, from development to run-time in production. It ensures that only trusted container images and functions are used, monitors them for anomalous behavior, and enforces least privileges with tight runtime security controls and intrusion prevention capabilities, at any scale.

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Aqua Container Security Platform (CSP)

Full Lifecycle Security

Aqua is designed to secure the entire lifecycle of containerized applications, whether they are Windows or Linux containers, Container-as-a-Service, or serverless functions

Superior Runtime Protection

Aqua enforces image immutability and least privileges principle to prevent 0-day attacks, enabling the lockdown of container activity to allow only legitimate behavior

Application Continuity

Aqua provides granular blocking that only prevents suspicious actions without stopping the application and secrets rotation with no container restart

About Aqua Security

With the agility, scale and flexibility they bring, cloud native applications require a new approachto security. Aqua’s platform is natively architected for containers and serverless workloads providing IT security with full visibility and control over application activity across the lifecycle, while remaining transparent and unintrusive to DevOps.
Integration Features

Aqua sends notifications on vulnerabilities and security events using PagerDuty alerts for rapid remediation and incident response.

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