Streamline Cloud Optimization with CloudCheckr and PagerDuty

CloudCheckr and PagerDuty combine to allow you to more easily govern your public cloud environment. By configuring automated workflows to trigger actions on cloud management best practices, IT organizations can rapidly address opportunities and risks to lower cloud costs, improve security and compliance and optimize asset utilization -- all while limiting resource burden and providing organizational visibility.

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Benefits of CloudCheckr and PagerDuty

  • Streamline Workflows

    Streamline workflows to addressing cloud cost and resource optimization opportunities by alerting IT, DevOps or finance teams

  • Appropriately Respond to Events and Issues

    Enable stakeholders with actionable information to appropriately respond to security events and compliance issues

  • Record Cloud Actions

    Record cloud actions so they are accessible and archived in PagerDuty

Learn More about CloudCheckr

CloudCheckr gives organizations control of their cloud. The CloudCheckr CMx platform proactively analyzes cloud infrastructure to provide visibility and intelligence to better manage costs, make infrastructure more secure and in compliance, and optimize resources in use. Thousands of organizations rely on CloudCheckr to help manage and govern $4 billion in annualized spend.


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