Kubernetes Guardrails and Governance to Enable Developers and Reduce Risk

Customers of both PagerDuty and Fairwinds Insights can generate and customize PagerDuty incidents for critical issues in their Kubernetes clusters. This capability includes over 100 checks that have been built-in to Fairwinds Insights for things like container vulnerabilities, insecure workload configurations, runtime security events, and resource usage—as well as custom user-defined policies for compliance and internal requirements.

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Benefits of Fairwinds and PagerDuty Integration

  • Prevent Kubernetes Security Risk

    Insights continuously scan containers and Kubernetes to identify and prioritize risks. Results are pushed into PagerDuty for teams to action.

  • Enable Developer Service Ownership

    Ship secure, reliable, and efficient cloud-native applications faster. Integrate continuous feedback loops with actionable remediation to lower MTTR.

  • Provide Guardrails

    Employ policy as code to prevent mistakes, improve security, optimize cost and save time. Ensure your deployments comply with the policy.

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Fairwinds is the trusted partner for Kubernetes security, policy, and governance. With Fairwinds, customers ship cloud native applications faster, more cost-effectively, and with less risk. Unify dev, sec and ops with software that simplifies complexity.


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