Log Everything, Answer Anything, in Real-Time / Detect, Investigate, Respond, Live!

Search, analyze and visualize all of your data instantly with Humio’s live system observability, available for both On-Premises and Cloud infrastructures. Humio delivers real-time performance for system monitoring, investigation and observability allowing users to ingest huge amounts of data from a range of sources for ad-hoc queries and search with live, shareable dashboards. Humio and PagerDuty easily integrate to give usersyou the flexibility to build complex, monitored, observable systems with live alerts.

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Log Everything, Answer Anything

Efficient data compression and unlimited ingest license enables data correlation across all systems in one console for complete observability, live. / Full view across all systems, in real-time, beyond just samples of data or a predefined view. Unlimited ingest site license provides ease in scaling as needed.

Detect More Faster, with Greater Intelligence

Instant visibility gives teams continuous insights for immediate responses to strengthen system performance and protect against attacks and threats. / Live, aggregated view of all security data sources to monitor and investigate threats instantly.

Investigate and Respond, Live

Data-driven observability provides the ability to instantly visualise, search and explore network data with comprehensive log data analysis. / Immediate access to all data, structured and unstructured, to explore and monitor through centralized logging.

About Humio

Humio provides instant observability, so users can log everything to answer anything, all in real-time, for On-Premises and cloud infrastructures. Humio’s transformative site license and removal of logging constraints allows developer, security and operations teams to log all data and gain visibility in complex computing environments.
Integration Features

From the application layer, to the infrastructure layer, to your DevOps environment, Humio works to make sure observability is possible at every level.

Integration brings the worlds of observability and oversight together with the world of incident response and DevOps monitoring.

Bringing pieces together in one place helps give users the flexibility to build complex, monitored, observable systems.

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