Let ML Augment any Software Incident with Details of Root Cause

You know the drill. Dinner has just been interrupted by a critical incident alert. Thankfully PagerDuty will take care of automating the incident response process. But you know that finding the root cause for this one will mean another missed meal. And then you remember that Zebrium has your back. So, you click on Zebrium in the incident and there it is: a clear presentation of the relevant log lines and metric charts that tells you the root cause. Looks like dinner won’t be interrupted after all thanks to Zebrium’s machine learning technology seamlessly integrated with PagerDuty!

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Benefits of Zebrium and PagerDuty Integration

Zebrium - Autonomous Root Cause Discovery

Zebrium has built the world’s only Autonomous Incident and Root Cause Detection platform. It uses unsupervised machine learning to automatically find root cause for any kind of software issue – avoiding root cause hunting even for unknown issues. For more information, visit www.zebrium.com.


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