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PagerDuty Launches Industry-First Offering Focusing on People and Services Health Management in an Always-On Digital World

New service provides visibility into never-before measured data; world’s first “Operations Health Score” quantifies health of IT Operations

SAN FRANCISCO – FEBRUARY 7, 2018 – PagerDuty, the global leader in Digital Operations Management, today announced Operations Health Management Service (OHMS), a new analytics-driven managed service focused on empowering organizations to measurably improve their operations by prioritizing the health of their employees. As a part of PagerDuty’s comprehensive portfolio of analytic capabilities, OHMS generates actionable human factor telemetry and industry peer benchmarks, combined with an expert service advisory practice, to empower businesses like SendGrid and SPS Commerce to evaluate and enhance the work-life balance of employees tasked with developing, maintaining and supporting digital services.

Historically, employees’ operations health telemetry has never been available as metrics captured by organizations. Businesses have also never had tools at their disposal to analyze the human operations data, much less be warned about any impending employee shift in satisfaction or resignation. Leveraging OHMS, business leaders can proactively manage the health and well-being of their employees using the Operations Health Scores. Doing so results in improved employee retention, reduced costs for recruiting and training talent, and enhanced service delivery and customer satisfaction.

“As an inherently data driven company, we are constantly evaluating the health of our core tools and technologies, so it’s only logical that we do the same for our most precious asset: our people,” said Mary Moore-Simmons, ‎Engineering Operations Manager at SendGrid. “Using PagerDuty’s Operations Health Management Service, we have the ability to drill down into the causes of operational pain and inefficiencies and course-correct before employees are lost or customers are impacted.”

According to PagerDuty’s Global State of IT Work-Life Balance Report, over half of IT professionals experience sleep and/or personal life interruptions more than 10 times per week as a result of digital service disruptions or outages. These frequent interruptions often lead to sleep deprivation, heightened levels of frustration, and an inability to work effectively. If not addressed in a timely manner, these pain points can create operational inefficiencies, and even cause top talent to leave an organization in search of a better work environment––both of which can severely impact the customer experience and the bottom line.

With the cost of replacing just one skilled IT professional reaching $300,0001, it is critical that companies find ways to prioritize HumanOps. PagerDuty OHMS effectively does this by analyzing the data of people’s health with the notification data flowing through an organization. Through the OHMS offering, businesses gain insights around organizational improvements and processes to fix the services causing degradations in health. Key features include:

  • Data-driven health scores: Using a total of 15 health indicators such as frequency of sleep interruptions and time-of-day notifications, the OHMS health score algorithm assigns a score of 0 to 100 for each employee, team, and service by day, week, month, and year. The OHMS Operations Health Score provides a measure of organizational health, empowering businesses to analyze operational maturity and show progress towards departmental and corporate goals.
  • Industry and peer benchmarking: PagerDuty has collected anonymized performance data over the last several years across 53 industry verticals, providing businesses with a frame of reference to evaluate their operations health.
  • Operations optimization: OHMS diagnoses the sources of health degradation, and recommends tailored solutions that can include process improvements, enabling specific PagerDuty features, updating workflows to follow best practices, and identifying and fixing services causing disruptions.

Supporting Quotes

  • “For the first time in the history of IT Operations, IT leaders now have a service that gives them visibility into the key health indicators that affect employee engagement, well-being, and operational efficiency,” said Ophir Ronen, Head of Digital Operations Insights at PagerDuty. “Humanizing operations encourages businesses to prioritize employee retention while ensuring business continuity and success.”
  • “Operational health has always been critical to the success of every digital business, yet we’ve never had tools for visibility and benchmarking. PagerDuty’s Operations Health Management Service provides SPS with a novel way to identify the human factors associated with operating our business, and consequently, the costs and organizational impact of poor operations health,” said Andy Domeier, Director of Technology Operations at SPS Commerce. “PagerDuty’s new service offering is helping us protect one of our greatest investments––our employees––by leveraging the existing operational data and insights within our IT organization.”
  • “The best modern software development organizations are those that understand that human factors such as the health and happiness of their employees are as important as technology in producing high quality software at velocity,” said Stephen O'Grady, Principal Analyst with RedMonk. “With its Operations Health Management offering, PagerDuty is attempting to help give IT professionals an improved work/life balance which in turn provides their employers with more productive employees.”

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