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PagerDuty’s New Integration with Microsoft Teams Powers Real-Time Collaboration across Distributed Digital Ops Teams

In the digital-default world, remote teams rely on seamless integrations to orchestrate, connect and resolve incidents quickly 

SAN FRANCISCO – September 21, 2020 – PagerDuty, Inc. (NYSE:PD), a global leader in digital operations management, today announced it has extended its integration with Microsoft Teams by leveraging new meeting extensibility points, which enables PagerDuty customers to launch Teams meetings within the PagerDuty platform, in one click, and then perform PagerDuty tasks within the Teams client. With all incident activity automatically replicated between the PagerDuty app and PagerDuty platform, responders are guaranteed access to the latest information without context shifting, no matter where they’re located, or the device they’re using, even if they’re performing tasks directly in Teams.

Integrations like this, that orchestrate remote teamwork in the tools teams love to use, are now essential. Customers will not tolerate any delay in the digital services they rely on to learn, shop, live and connect, which means the Digital Ops teams responsible for powering these services must immediately respond and resolve customer issues. With the new PagerDuty Microsoft Teams integration, responders can instantly collaborate over video, share screens and troubleshoot together, in the moment.

“Traditional ways of operating your business are no longer relevant - ticketing queues, sequential workflows and manual response processes are cumbersome. They keep teams on the backfoot, in perpetual reactive mode, and ultimately cost the business,” explains Jonathan Rende, Senior Vice President of Products at PagerDuty. “By rethinking the customer journey and putting a Digital Ops strategy at the heart of your business, you open your business up to a world of machine learning and integrations that allow your teams to work together proactively, on a whim, and entirely in service of the customer.”

“Having PagerDuty as one of our inaugural partners for the Teams’ extensible meetings experiences launch validates the importance of enhanced collaboration in these unprecedented times,” said Jeff Teper, Corporate Vice President, Teams, SharePoint, OneDrive. “The way in which PagerDuty and Teams power real-time collaboration means they could easily become critical tools to resolve incidents across remote workforces..”

Key benefits of the enhanced PagerDuty and Teams integration include:

  • One-Touch Teams meetings: One-click setup to launch a Teams meeting when responding to an incident within the PagerDuty platform
  • Execute PagerDuty tasks in Teams meeting: Action PagerDuty tasks from within Teams meetings
  • Synchronized incident data between PagerDuty App and PagerDuty Platform: Up to the minute replication of information between the PagerDuty App and PagerDuty platform 

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For more information on PagerDuty’s Teams integration, now available on desktop and mobile, visit here.

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