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With millions of daily users, Microsoft Teams is an essential communication and collaboration tool for many businesses. Many modern IT Ops and DevOps teams count on Teams to keep everyone on the same page when things are running smoothly—and perhaps even more so when they aren’t.

PagerDuty for Microsoft Teams gives organizations the ability to view critical incident details within Microsoft Teams, and
Drive key incident response actions like Acknowledging and Resolving incidents, Adding Incident Context to Notes, and even Triggering New Incidents.

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Drive Real-Time Operations with Microsoft Teams

Work where you are
View critical incident details without having to leave Microsoft Teams
Real-Time Ops in Teams
Acknowledge, resolve, and add notes to PagerDuty incidents—all from within Microsoft Teams.
Trigger Incidents
Trigger a new PagerDuty incident from within Microsoft Teams.
Drive Modern ChatOps
Break down silos by driving real-time ChatOps with PagerDuty for Teams.
Connect Ops Teams
From NOCs to DevOps, connect disparate Ops teams to a common incident management framework.
Align Permissions
Tightly integrated with Teams, respect both Teams and PagerDuty user and account permissions
Connect to Microsoft
In Teams, users can access both PagerDuty incident data and technical documentation from Microsoft tools.
Connect Services to Channels
PagerDuty services can be connected to Teams channels via Add-Ons Page and ‘connect’ App command.
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The Modern Incident Resolution Lifecycle

Learn more about the modern incident resolution lifecycle and how PagerDuty enables Dev, NOC, DevOps and IT Ops teams to reduce chaos during incidents, and get back more time for innovation as the only platform encompassing all stages of best practice incident resolution.

“Microsoft Teams empowers the DevOps community with secure collaboration and meeting experiences. With PagerDuty’s integration for Microsoft Teams, DevOps practitioners can drive real-time operations all within the Teams platform.”

Farhaz Karmali, Lead Product Manager, Teams—Microsoft



PagerDuty Pulse: Latest Releases, Features & Capabilities

Catch up on all the exciting things we’ve released over the past several months, including new integrations for the PagerDuty partner ecosystem.

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