PagerDuty Introduces Two New Products to Help Companies Shift From Reactive to Proactive by Identifying Business Impact and Analyzing Operational Performance

PagerDuty Visibility and PagerDuty Analytics help business leaders gain real-time insights to improve digital operations and take action in real time

SAN FRANCISCO – Sept. 11, 2018 – Today at PagerDuty Summit 2018, PagerDuty, a global leader in digital operations management, launched two new products to extend its digital operations management platform: PagerDuty Visibility and PagerDuty Analytics. PagerDuty Visibility provides IT leaders, technical responders, and business owners a shared, real-time view into operational health that impacts both consumers and business. PagerDuty Analytics provides operational insights for business and technical leaders by combining machine and human response data collected over time to drive better business outcomes.

“Every business is engaged in some form of digital transformation, with the focus on delivering delightful digital brand experiences,” said Rachel Obstler, vice president of product at PagerDuty. “Leaders need new proactive solutions that connect operational performance to customer and business impact. PagerDuty Visibility and PagerDuty Analytics provide actionable information so business and technical teams can deliver best-in-class customer experiences.”

PagerDuty Visibility and PagerDuty Analytics leverage the company’s rich and unique data set collected over the past nine years from more than 10,500 customers. This gives organizations unprecedented insights into understanding actual customer and business impact of digital incidents and real-time productivity that affect their bottom lines.

PagerDuty Visibility Connects Insights to Real-Time Action to Drive Business Results

According to a Ponemon Institute study, 79 percent of executives say executive-level involvement is necessary to achieving an effective incident response, while 70 percent indicate that poor communications are a barrier and less than half are kept informed about the process. Both technical and business stakeholders across the organization need a shared view of how technical incidents impact digital experiences to proactively do the right thing for the business in real time.

PagerDuty Visibility enables both responders and business owners to receive context into digital disruptions in real time. This empowers the issue owner to prioritize efforts based on business and customer outcomes and accurately communicate business impact and operational health to the affected teams. The product reduces the painful and expensive gap in alignment between IT and the business. By simplifying service alignment and providing on-the-go insights around real-time customer impact, teams can immediately align their efforts and connect technical issues to business outcomes and prioritize the right actions accordingly.

PagerDuty Visibility equips business leaders with a live dashboard that can also be viewed on mobile. The operations dashboard provides technical leaders with a view of current system status. The product maps business and technical services to each other to bridge the gap from technical ownership to customer impact. Team leaders can now quantify the real-time impact of incidents on customers and on the business while notifying stakeholders with understandable business context.

"PagerDuty Visibility replaces disparate tools and allows incident commanders to drive GE Digital toward a communication transformation,” said Ben Hwang, GE Digital, Cloud Automation Leader. “By separating the conversation between business stakeholders and technical teams, the PagerDuty Visibility product allows GE to manage business situational awareness without compromising incident triage momentum.”

PagerDuty Analytics Drives Process Maturity and Better Business Outcomes

Many digital leaders today lack the insights needed to effectively measure and improve their investment in technology, process, and people over time. PagerDuty Analytics unlocks actionable insights by combining machine and human response data with domain expertise to optimize process effectiveness and improve business outcomes.

PagerDuty Analytics includes prebuilt, modern metrics (e.g., mean time to mobilize, time without major incident, cost of response, and more), prescriptive dashboards, and self-service analytics coupled with industry best practices and peer benchmarking. Insights offered by this product align with the new PagerDuty digital operations maturity model to help customers drive better business results.

“The Operational Review feature of PagerDuty Analytics provides me with insight into my on-call process from multiple viewpoints, from the health of my team members to the health of my systems,” said Jeffery Smith, Director, Production Operations at Centro. “PagerDuty Analytics also provides clarity into what’s driving our on-call pain by connecting those pain points with how the personal lives of our engineers are affected by unplanned interruptions.”

While PagerDuty Visibility is focused on real-time situational awareness, PagerDuty Analytics focuses on trends over time. The product leverages real-time data enabling leaders and teams to rapidly learn and improve overall operations, service delivery, and team health. The product is purpose-built to support all levels of the organization, from individual delivery teams to large groups within the company.

“Teams are increasingly overwhelmed due to rapidly proliferating systems complexity, and require insights that help them assess how issues impact the business, both in real time and over time,” said Nancy Gohring, senior analyst, 451 Research. “By understanding the health of services and teams through the lens of operations work, they are better empowered to close the feedback loop and prioritize the things that matter to improve business outcomes.”

PagerDuty Visibility is available now and PagerDuty Analytics is available for early access. To learn more about PagerDuty Visibility, visit here, and to learn more about PagerDuty Analytics, visit here.

Today at PagerDuty Summit 2018, the company also announced the expanded PagerDuty platform. This modular approach to the company’s product offerings enables companies of all sizes and in all stages of operational maturity to select which PagerDuty products work best based for their digital needs.

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