Faster Incident Resolution With PagerDuty and HipChat

PagerDuty and ServiceNow Express

ITOps, DevOps, NOC, and software development teams work together—faster than ever before—to deliver better customer experiences.

PagerDuty seamlessly extends incident resolution workflows to Atlassian team-oriented products, inlcuding HipChat's group chat and video chat built for teams. By combining these products, teams can collaborate more effectively and respond to incidents, drive faster resolution, and keep the systems and apps they support up and running smoothly.

With the new bi-directional PagerDuty HipChat extension, your team and responders can:

  • Quickly connect HipChat to PagerDuty by adding the extension via the PagerDuty Extensions Portal
  • Take action, collaborate in real time, and minimize context switching between tools to maximize efficiency and productivity
  • Receive rich incident notifications and context directly in your preferred HipChat room
  • Easily map multiple business services to individual HipChat rooms to ensure the right response
  • Accurately associate users and attribute actions between PagerDuty and HipChat for enhanced security and analytics
  • Improve operational efficiency by automating ops-related tasks with slash commands and chatbots

Getting Started with the PagerDuty HipChat Extension

Learn more about the PagerDuty HipChat Extension. Check out the PagerDuty HipChat Extension Technical Video to enable and test the extension.