Seize the Power of Data. Act with Confidence.

PagerDuty Analytics turns data into insights and recommendations to fuel smarter decisions that propel your operational maturity.

PagerDuty Analytics

Follow the Data

Let pre-built metrics and prescriptive dashboards lead the way. Keep an eye on industry-leading KPIs and get the full picture of your digital operations.

Know Your Operations

Get answers to every question across your incidents, services, and teams. Easily slice and dice the data to dial in on each part of your operations.

Level Up Your Game

Act quickly with confidence and improve operational maturity by making the recommended changes. Reach new heights by predicting and preventing issues.

"PagerDuty Analytics helps us drive standard metrics across our teams and better understand incident priority based on customer impact."

Andrew Hatch Platform Engineering Manager at SEEK

Product Capabilities

  • Curated Insights
  • Smart Recommendations
  • Intelligent Dashboards
  • Operational Report Cards
  • Analytics Anywhere
  • Data Exploration

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