Ten (10) of the Best System Monitoring Software

Ten (10) of the Best System Monitoring Software for Remote Teams in 2020

System monitoring software is essential to helping admins manage an organization’s IT operations and maintaining mission-critical services in today’s uncertain times. Expecting remote employees to do technical support while simultaneously performing their job duties isn’t very realistic or efficient. You need monitoring software with remote access to do both well.

What is system monitoring software?

System monitoring software includes IT tools that can manage an IT system in a unified manner. This may include consolidating the operation of an enterprise-wide range of PCs into monitoring software to gather and provide data on each device. The information gathered could include system updates, patches, backups, etc.

With large organizations, individually checking on each device would be inefficient, if not impossible, particularly with more teams working remotely. Here’s where monitoring software for employees plays a vital role.

Some of the top system monitoring software choices

1. SolarWinds Server Health Monitor – Monitors the health, availability, and performance of up to five servers for no charge. A paid version is available if you require more advanced needs.

2. Spiceworks Network Monitor – This network monitoring software offers real-time status and alerts. For remote usage, you can perform distributed HTTP checks to narrow down location outages. Even though the software is free, support is still provided.

3. Datadog – Enables you to monitor, troubleshoot, and optimize performance across distributed systems for remote teams. Datadog also offers a free trial.

4. WhatsUp Gold – Functions both on-premises and the cloud, monitoring network and application performance with real-time alerts and customizable dashboards. A free trial is available.

5. Atera – Offers RMM (Remote Monitoring and Management) for distributed teams and includes remote access and support. This Managed Service Provider (MSP) software provides real-time alerts, patch management, and more. The company offers a free trial.

6. ManageEngine OpManager – Network monitoring software promising end-to-end visibility and network infrastructure analytics down to a granular level. Features real-time monitoring, customizable dashboards, WAN link monitoring, and more. A free trial is available.

7. PRTG Network Monitor – Allows you to monitor your entire IT infrastructure with visualizations—covering systems, devices, traffic, and applications. Used by a reported 300,000+ users, this monitoring software’s pricing depends upon the license size. A feature-rich free trial is available along with a more limited “free forever” version.

8. OpenNMS – Touts enterprise-class open-source network management that’s scalable up to millions of devices from a single instance, extensible, and yet fully open source and supported by a large community of active users. Pricing starts at zero and goes up from there, depending upon your needs.

9. Site24x7 – Offers an all-in-one monitoring software solution covering website performance, network monitoring, server monitoring, public and private cloud monitoring, cloud cost management, and more. A free trial is available.

10. Icinga – Rounding out our list of system monitoring software options you can consider, Icinga enables you to monitor performance and availability for any host or application, along with data centers or cloud environments. A free trial is available.

System monitoring software is an essential component for maintaining infrastructure health and identifying vulnerabilities. With an ever-expanding IT environment, gaining visibility through automation delivers the robust monitoring you and your team need to detect, report, and resolve incidents quickly.

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