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Getting operations right is nothing short of mission-critical to keeping your app, service, and on a larger scale, your business, up and running. When an issue strikes, it negatively impacts everything from your customer’s experience and trust in your ability to deliver, to your team’s job satisfaction as a result of being burdened with unplanned work.

This is why operations must be totally reimagined. Operations should no longer just keep the lights on, but must become the foundation that allows us all to do our best work, to constantly improve, and focus on how to increase the pace of innovation without sacrificing reliability.

PagerDuty Summit ‘17 will empower attendees to transform their operations and orchestrate coordinated business response to issues of any scale. Whether you’re in development, IT operations, customer support, or an executive, gain insights on how to build your business of tomorrow with best practices and cutting edge technology that enable you to deliver amazing customer experiences.

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Tuesday 9/5

Wednesday 9/6

Thursday 9/7

Tuesday 9/6

Tech Inclusion Panel

Wednesday 9/7

PagerDuty University

Community Meetup + Breakathon

Thursday 9/8

PagerDuty Summit

Summit After Party

7 reasons why you should attend

1. Become future-proof:
Dive into the transformation of operations and learn how the best are reimagining it for the future

2. Beef up your survivor skills:
Learn exactly what to do during a major incident -- and how to prevent them in the future

3. Make it official:
Get hands-on Incident Response training and learn how to improve the on-call life with PagerDuty University

4. Try to bring us down:
Test your ability to inject failure into the PagerDuty systems during our Breakathon and Community Meetup

5. Different > Same:
Attend our tech inclusion panel and hear just how diversity accelerates innovation

6. Get ahead of the game:
See PagerDuty’s newest product innovations in automation and intelligence across the incident lifecycle

7. No way to lose:
DevOps Best Practices and Leadership in a Digital World - With two killer conference tracks, pick whatever topics are the most important to you.

Summit Track 1

Devops best practices

DevOps is the lifeblood on learning how to scale, maximize release velocity, and deliver and own more resilient services. Learn the latest learnings, tips, and tricks from several experts in this area and walk away with ideas you can implement today.

Summit Track 2


When the cost of digital issues is greater than ever before to your brand, customers, and people, operations must evolve to play a more important role. It’s no longer enough to react to issues - you must lead.

Get hands-on training at PagerDuty University

Our PagerDuty University courses provide in-depth training on achieving optimal results with whatever may come your way, from incidents of any size to streamlining and improving the day-to-day. You will walk away from this event with actionable insights that you can start implementing right away.


Choose from 2 dynamic courses

Course 1

Owning Incident Response

Course 2

Improving On-Call Life


Sept 6 + 7

+ Summit


Hands-on training at Summit: Get your Master’s degree in handling incidents of any size or streamlining your systems for success - pick the course that’s right for you. Plus get the full Summit experience the next day. (Space is extremely limited).

Course 1


Learn how best-in-class organizations manage major and minor incidents using best practices and PagerDuty to resolve incidents effectively.

Sessions include:

  • Incident Response Fundamentals
  • Incident Response in PagerDuty
  • $#it Happens Incident Response
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(Course 1 + Summit)

Course 2


Get the most out of PagerDuty and set yourself up for long-term success by configuring PagerDuty the optimal way for your business.

Sessions include:

  • PagerDuty Best Practices
  • PagerDuty Extensibility
  • Managing the Noise
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(Course 2 + Summit)

Sept 7



Whether you’re coding or keeping your business’ infrastructure humming - learn exactly what you need to know to reimagine operations for future innovation. Get a full day of best-practices and lessons learned, then join us for the after party.

Summit at-a-glance

  • Morning Keynotes: Empowering Developers in a Digital World
  • Afternoon tracks:
    • DevOps Best Practices
    • Leadership in a Digital world
  • Live product demos + get your questions answered from the experts
  • Network with your peers at our Summit After Party
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(Summit only)


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$250 - PagerDuty University

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Jennifer Tejada CEO PagerDuty
Adrian Cockcroft VP Cloud Architecture Strategy AWS
Nicole Forsgren CEO and Chief Scientist DevOps Research

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Opened in 2014, state-of-the-art Pier 27 boasts panoramic views of the entire San Francisco Bay, the spectacular Bay Bridge, the City skyline and Coit Tower. The terminal can host approximately 3,000 guests with over 50,000 square feet of event space on two levels, an open floor plan, high ceilings, and ample guest parking.





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Still not sure what to expect?

The first annual PagerDuty Summit, held in San Francisco in September of 2016 brought together over 400 of the best and brightest in development and operations. Here’s a quick recap of some of the topics we covered that day.


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Summit 2016

These are a few sessions from our last summit

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Where is the Modern-Day Post-Mortem?

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Data-Driven Service Intelligence

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The Journey of Chaos Engineering Begins With a Single Step

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Large Scale Agile/DevOps Transformation

You can see all of the sessions from our 2016 Summit here.