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Summit Recap: How to Adapt to a “Digital Everything” World

Every interaction with our customers, partners, and employees is special – but this year’s PagerDuty Summit went far beyond my wildest dreams. Together we committed to helping you learn and grow in how you manage business critical operations – in other words, getting you ready for anything in a world of Digital Everything. 

New solutions for the new world of work

During our Summit, we covered a lot of ground. We discussed how PagerDuty solves the mismatch between modern work realities and the systems we have in place to do that work. We talked about how PagerDuty is more than on call management or even incident response, but rather, the Operations Cloud for improving operations with data and machine learning, so humans can focus on more beneficial, meaningful tasks. 

We also announced a slate of new tools and automation capabilities, including: 

  • Incident Workflows: later this year, you will be able to define an orchestrated response using “if-this-then-that” logic. For the responder, this means creating a sequence of common incident actions, or customizing workflows based on your organization’s bespoke processes. And as you learn from each incident, you can feed those learnings back into your workflows, or even add custom fields to give responders more contextual data for faster triage and incident resolution. You can learn more here.
  • Event Orchestration: this powerful decision engine, launched earlier this year, allows teams to create custom logic to enrich, modify, and control routing based on event conditions. Now we’ve added  Terraform Support to make event orchestration even more flexible for configuring, maintaining, and updating events at scale. 
  • Automation Actions: these are now integrated with Event Orchestration, so if a CPU warning event occurs, deep diagnostics will kick in at time 0. We’ve also integrated Automation Actions into our Customer Service Ops offering, as well as into our Mobile and Slack experiences. Learn more about Automation Actions here.
  • Custom Status Updates: we’ve added Status Update Notification Templates – including rich text editing and visuals — to format the content and context of incident responses. After all, you want your internal communications to answer questions, not raise new ones. 

Our journey continues 

There’s much more in store from PagerDuty. We’re not slowing down, ensuring you can spend more time on fulfilling and interesting work. It’s time to revolutionize operations – to offload the routine tasks to machines, and direct more energy toward your customer. Data should be in service of us, not the other way around. 

Being ready for anything in a world of Digital Everything doesn’t mean sacrificing human attention – it’s about putting that attention where it matters most. Technology should be intuitive and seamless, so that humans can deliver personalized support and foster peace of mind. 

We’d love to hear about your journey and how you are preparing for a world of Digital Everything. If you attended Summit, what did you learn and how will you use that knowledge in your work? What else would you like to see from us in the coming months? Whether you attended this year’s event or are thinking about participating next year, your opinions and perspectives will help us do our best, so you can do yours. 

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