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PagerDuty Summit: The Future of Work Starts Here

The pace of technological change has made jobs harder, particularly over the past couple of years. A recent PagerDuty survey found that 42% of respondents worked more hours in 2021 compared to 2020. And if 2022 is any indication – especially as businesses become more dependent than ever on digital systems – there’s no chance of a technology slowdown anytime soon. 

Welcome to the world of Digital Everything, where software is woven into countless business processes from HR, legal, supply chains and more. But while innovation brings amazing improvements and new possibilities, it can also lead to data overload and unwelcome operational complexity. 

We’ve done our part this past year to stem the tidal wave of needless digital noise. Our Noise Reduction capability reduced noise from alerts by 98%; new releases such as Auto-Pause Incident Notifications further reduce transient clutter, Event Orchestration processes event data with 90% more efficiency, and Probable Origin helps you zero in on root cause without having to wade through system logs, change logs and the usual telemetry. 

We’re proud of what we’ve achieved. But our future – and yours – is just getting started. 

Technology that empowers people 

Our vision is AI-powered digital automation management that elevates humans by giving them tools to make better decisions. When you reduce data overload and operational complexity, you can do more fulfilling and forward-looking work. 

For example, we have seen event data grow at nearly 3x the rate of users. This probably isn’t surprising that we’re generating massive amounts of data that outpaces us humans. And with looming inflation and a tight labor market, humans are becoming more expensive, which means organizations must get more efficient about processing all these events. 

In other words, we need to offload to machines if we are to advance – not to mention hold on to our sanity.

PagerDuty Summit – Ready for Anything in a World of Digital Everything

The future is the focus of this year’s PagerDuty Summit. Whether you attend live or online, the Summit is the best place to learn new ways to orchestrate, accelerate and elevate your critical work. 

Summit is about creating more opportunity for yourselves and the organizations who depend on you. Among other things, we’ll talk about how the PagerDuty Operations Cloud is solving problems and revolutionizing operations beyond the developer. 

From APIs to machine learning to automation, we’ve changed the game for developers and SREs who are on call to support software and deliver a great customer experience. But it’s more than just that – now all teams, not just technical, need to leave the tedium to the machines. Human attention should be spent innovating with data, not processing it at the expense of customer relationships. 

Whether you’re a responder, a manager or even an executive, we have the content for you. Summit will teach you how to spend less time reacting, and more time building. You will come away from the experience with new ideas and skills, so you can truly be ready for anything that the world of Digital Everything throws your way.

Visit our Summit registration page for details and to secure your place before time runs out! Dates and locations are as follows: 

  • June 7: Virtual, San Francisco 
  • June 15: Four Seasons, Sydney
  • June 21: The Brewery, London