Can’t Miss PagerDuty Summit Sessions for SREs

by Mandi Walls August 30, 2022 | 3 min read

PagerDuty Summit 2022 went around the world, visiting San Francisco, Sydney, and London and gathering thousands of attendees online. We had so many great sessions to help you on your journey to the world of Digital Everything.

Automation is a big theme this year for our customers and partners. New features and enhancements to PagerDuty’s own Process Automation, Runbook Automation, and Rundeck Open Source products also put automation front and center for us! Automation is a key tenet of SRE and DevOps workflows, encouraging teams to think proactively about the work they do manually and how they can manage the kinds of tasks we’ve come to think of as toil. As environments become more complex, teams have to defend their time and resources against boring, repetitive tasks that can be done with automation.

  • If your team is looking at automation and just not sure yet which way to go, check out Cultural Adoption of Automation. In this session, Jamie Vernon, SVP of IT Infrastructure and Operations at ResultsCX, shares his journey to automation. Jamie talks about gaining stakeholder buy-in for automation and driving adoption. This session is a great starting place. 
  • If you’re looking to expand and improve your automation portfolio, Sean Noble’s session PagerDuty Automation Actions: normalizing “automation for everyone” will give you a look at how PagerDuty Automation Actions will help your team mitigate incidents in your environment. No more paging extra responders or searching for login credentials during a high-pressure incident. Let Automation Actions give your team access to everything they need right from the PagerDuty platform.

Related to automation, managing infrastructure components in a programmatic way via infrastructure as code tooling helps SRE teams to stay on top of complex system changes. Teams can improve reliability by applying software development practices like code review and testing to infrastructure as code tooling.  

Teams using PagerDuty in large environments can benefit from using our Terraform provider to manage their PagerDuty objects. Since Terraform supports a huge number of tools, platforms, and services, adding Terraform to your PagerDuty workflow smooths the path from development to production for your services, ensuring your teams will have the best configurations for their PagerDuty services.

Finally, Site Reliability Engineering is about reliability, and part of establishing and maintaining reliability is setting and meeting the Service Level Objectives (SLOs) for your services. SLOs are quantifiable goals your team sets for your services, to let you know how reliable the services are for a given interval. What happens when you have incidents or other issues that reduce your reliability? You might miss your SLO or burn through your slack – your Error Budget. Honeycomb’s Liz Fong-Jones talks about Sociotechnical considerations after a blown SLO in her PagerDuty Summit session.

These are just a few of the great sessions that are now available for you on our YouTube channel. Check out the whole playlist for more on our product announcements and great stories from customers and partners like Salesforce, Google, Buildkite and Metrist.