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Extending Automation Actions Across the PagerDuty Platform

It’s day one of PagerDuty Summit, and we are looking forward to a full day of expert presenters, actionable content, and educational sessions to boost your PagerDuty IQ and show you new ways to improve your team’s operational excellence.

One point you will continue to hear throughout the duration of the conference echoes our greater mission: To revolutionize operations so teams spend less time on reactive, break-fix work and more time delivering new innovation. At PagerDuty, we see this future of operations extending beyond the digital teams that build and run software to all teams in the organization. While many PagerDuty products and features exist to make this mission a reality, we are going to focus on the latest and greatest with PagerDuty Automation Actions®, part of the PagerDuty Process Automation® portfolio.

New Updates and Integrations With Automation Actions 

Automation Actions connects your first-line responders to corrective automation directly within PagerDuty. Instead of pushing escalations to specialists when an incident kicks off, responders can triage and resolve incidents themselves using safely delegated automation. As a result, teams can reduce MTTR, lower interruptions to specialists, and quickly diagnose and remediate incidents. 

We launched Automation Actions last year to help organizations get started quickly in simple first steps towards automation. Now, Automation Actions is integrated across the entire PagerDuty platform for all users to remove manual, time consuming repetitive tasks like diagnosing issues when brought into bridge calls. 

Let’s look at some of the latest and greatest automation capabilities with Automation Actions:

  • Automation Actions in Incident Response. Teams can now run automated diagnostics and remediate incidents directly within PagerDuty. This integration will improve productivity and remove toil by automating repetitive, manual tasks, and give time back to your engineers to focus on innovation.

  • Automation Actions for Customer Service Ops. This integration gives customer service agents the ability to validate customer problems and capture critical information via automation to diagnose and resolve cases faster. Agents are now empowered to validate customer-impacting issues and run automated actions directly from the PagerDuty app in Service Cloud.

  • Automation Actions for Event Orchestration. By combining nested event rules with machine learning and precise, targeted automation triggers, it’s now possible to action an incident before responders even get paged. This integration with Event Orchestration helps teams automate common diagnostics and enable self-healing for recurring and well-understood types of incidents, resulting in reduced MTTR and escalations to specialists.

  • Automation Actions in PagerDuty’s Mobile App. Everything you love about Automation Actions is now mobile! Invoke the same automation from Automation Actions and resolve common incidents directly from the PagerDuty mobile app.

  • Automation Actions in Slack.  With this integration, incident responders can deploy scriptable diagnostics and remediation actions directly from Slack.

Automation Everywhere

To be ready for anything with increasing digital complexity and dependencies, operations must transform from being manual, rigid, and ticket queue-based, to a continuously improving system that focuses on outcomes and customer experience, delivers operational speed and resilience, and is heavily automated by machine learning and AI. Only then can teams move toward a more proactive posture, and reduce the burden of manual work to avoid burnout and preserve focus. With Automation Actions, teams not only have the ability to reach this operational milestone, but to excel and continue to mature their automation capabilities.

Be sure to check out related Automation Actions sessions at PagerDuty Summit:

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To learn more about the PagerDuty automation portfolio, visit our automation hub. If you want to learn more about PagerDuty Automation Actions and how it can help your team save time and money, contact your account manager or learn more today.