eToro Trades Manual Processes for Real-Time Operations With PagerDuty

Size: 250-1000 Employees

Industry: Technology

Location: London, UK / Tel Aviv, Israel

Customer Since: 2013

Key Integrations:


eToro is a multi-asset investment company with over 12 million registered users from more than 100 countries. The company’s mission is to change the way people think about trading and investing, ultimately reducing dependency on traditional financial institutions and to make trading and investing more transparent and fun. The eToro platform enables people to invest in the assets they want, from stocks and commodities to crypto assets. They can also choose how they invest—either investing directly, copying another investor, or investing in a portfolio. In order to stay ahead in a highly competitive industry, it is critical that eToro’s services are always on. “We want to have the best customer experience for our users,” explained Elad Gotfrid, Director of IT Production at eToro.

Manual Processes Slow Incident Response

Prior to using PagerDuty, eToro relied on manual escalation processes, such as SMS notifications for its on-call teams. But with the large volume of alerts coming from eToro’s various monitoring tools, there was little context available to triage and resolve incidents quickly. The NOC wanted to automate its processes so that they could improve incident response. “We wanted to move responsibility to the developers and reduce the number of personnel involved so we could assess problems faster,” explained Gotfrid.

Prior to PagerDuty, eToro faced several challenges, including:

  • Manual escalation processes that delayed response times, which could negatively impact the customer experience
  • Teams having to work harder during the night due to the number of incidents
  • Lack of visibility and context for alerts, with the risk of missing an important alert

Taking Stock of Real-Time Operations With PagerDuty

eToro turned to PagerDuty to automate the incident management process, with the ultimate goal of minimizing the volume of alerts and ensuring a seamless customer experience.

With PagerDuty, eToro can now:

  • Respond faster, with automated escalation paths and scheduling using PagerDuty On-Call Management
  • Mobilize the appropriate teams with Modern Incident Response
  • Empower teams to act immediately, wherever they are, using the PagerDuty mobile app
  • Measure MTTA, MTTR, and other KPIs to improve real-time operations

“PagerDuty enabled us to achieve high SLAs for our internal clients and provide a superior customer experience for our users,” shared Gotfrid.

Growing With PagerDuty

eToro plans to continue its rollout of PagerDuty across various teams in the company, including the security, IT, and data teams. “The main objective now is to aggregate all incoming alerts from all teams into one centralized console through PagerDuty Visibility,” explained Gotfrid. eToro plans to adopt additional PagerDuty products, including Event Intelligence and Analytics to optimize the company’s real-time operations.

“We use PagerDuty because it’s effective yet also super user-friendly,” said Gotfrid.

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