Multinational Technology Company Chooses PagerDuty to Transform Customer Service

Size: 150,000 employees

Industry: Technology

Location: Global

Tremendous growth has positioned this technology company as a market leader with an expansive portfolio, offering end-to-end solutions to customers. Rapid growth, however, created challenges for the Customer Service team.

Customers calling Customer Service reached an agent working within a siloed tech stack. If another team needed to be involved in the case, the information had to be replicated onto separate systems, resulting in a complex and fragmented collaboration workflow. Strategic customers called C-level executives to voice their concerns about the issues they were experiencing. They were being passed around, and it was taking too long to resolve issues. It often felt like they were working with multiple companies, a poor reflection on the brand. The Customer Service team was also outgrowing homegrown systems, which were becoming unreliable and unpredictable. High-priority cases could take days to reach the right person, often falling through the cracks when being routed to the technical team.

Acknowledging the potential revenue impact that a negative customer experience could have on the business, this technology company decided to transform its Customer Service operations using PagerDuty’s Customer Service Salesforce Service Cloud integration. Using PagerDuty, Customer Service teams are empowered to own the case lifecycle from beginning to end, escalating and orchestrating responses to customer impacting disruptions. Teams can work where they are, with Salesforce as the source of truth, while using PagerDuty to disseminate information. PagerDuty’s real-time stakeholder updates keep everyone aligned, streamlining communication and collaboration across departments.

The Customer Service team can now deliver amazing service around the clock to help customers. They respond to and resolve cases faster, and have mitigated the risk of losing track of tickets during handoffs across teams. They have eliminated manual processes to replicate information across systems. Customer trust and perception of the company has improved across all subsidiaries.

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