Runbook Automation for Incident Management

Shorter Incidents and Fewer Escalations through Runbook Automation. PagerDuty has alerted you to a problem, how do you take action? Use automated Rundeck jobs to quickly diagnose and resolve incidents. Easy to set up. Works with your existing tools, script, and APIs — even your manual procedures. Expand the capabilities of those who already respond to incidents. Safely expand the number of people who are able to react to incidents by triggering automated tasks on the affected systems.

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Rundeck and PagerDuty Integration

Rundeck is the champion of IT Operations — the unsung heroes of modern business. Rundeck’s runbook automation helps thousands of global IT Operations organizations reduce disruptive escalations and shorten what would otherwise be costly incidents. Rundeck, Inc. was founded in 2016 by the team behind the Rundeck open source project.


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