The Only Cloud Monitoring Solution Built on a Streaming Architecture

That’s why we created SignalFx — the only cloud monitoring solution built on a streaming architecture, with real-time analytics and operational intelligence for infrastructure, microservices, containers, serverless, and applications. With SignalFx, you can separate meaningful signals from mountains of noise, using automation to address issues before they affect customers. In real-time. At any scale.

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Real-Time Speed

High resolution metrics provide an accurate one-second view into your environment. Low, one-second latency means real-time responsiveness and alerting.

Cloud Scalability and Breadth

Ingest and process cloud-scale volumes of data from any cloud, service, application, or system regardless of vendor and rate of churn.


Easily analyze all your data in real-time and trigger alerts, update visualization, and automate remediation, through our UI or API.

About SignalFx

SignalFx provides the only monitoring solution built on a streaming platform offering powerful analytics and instantaneous alerting. Innovating at cloud-native speed requires new cloud and serverless technologies managed by DevOps teams. SignalFx helps the largest brands in the world monitor their applications and services at a cloud-pace.
Direct integration

Direct integration using PagerDuty Service API key

Trigger and clear alerts

SignalFx will trigger and clear alerts in PagerDuty based on real-time machine learning algorithms

Instant updates

SignalFx alerts within seconds of receiving data, triggering PagerDuty messages instantaneously

Notify key stakeholders

Use PagerDuty to notify your business users of KPI’s and customer issues using business data from SignalFx

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