Effective Collaboration and Faster Incident Resolution with PagerDuty and the Atlassian Product Suite

IT teams must collaborate more closely, effectively and efficiently to build, deliver, and manage both code and supporting infrastructure components. It is critical that application services run optimally and efficiently while the systems they rely on perform optimally and have high availability.

PagerDuty and Atlassian have collaborated to seamlessly extend incident resolution workflows to various offerings from the Atlassian Product Suite. Whether you are a part of a team that embraces ChatOps or you are a developer on an agile team that delivers software early, frequently and leverages JIRA Software Cloud, PagerDuty and Atlassian provide integrated workflows that enable DevOps and NOC teams to optimize collaboration, automate operational tasks, speed incident response and resolution, and deliver only the best software experiences that protect brand reputation and keep customers satisfied.

Getting Started with PagerDuty Atlassian Product Suite Extensions

Learn more about the PagerDuty HipChat Extension.
Enable the extension via the PagerDuty HipChat Extension Guide.
Check out the PagerDuty HipChat Extension Technical Video to enable and test the extension.

Learn more about the PagerDuty JIRA Software Extension.
Enable the extension via the PagerDuty JIRA Software Extension Guide.

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