Rundeck FAQ

  • Why did PagerDuty acquire Rundeck? 

    This acquisition will expand PagerDuty’s digital operations management platform in automation and auto-remediation.

    Rundeck has been a partner of ours since 2019 through an integration. This acquisition will expand our intelligent automation capabilities so we can provide our customers with a solution that applies automation to both machine AND human workflows (an area where we are already a market leader), through all stages of incident response - detection, diagnosis and resolution.

    As teams scale their operations in response to strong digital demand, they need to automate workflows to reduce manual repetitive work, create standard operating procedures, and resolve incidents faster.

    Automating runbooks provides low-risk, powerful actions for frontline operations employees to follow when diagnosing and resolving issues. It gives them the ability, at the push of a button, to remediate issues without having to escalate to a skilled expert. 

    We released this press release during our recent Summit event which captures more information. You can also read more about the close here.

  • What pain points will Rundeck help PagerDuty solve for its customers?

    Rundeck gives front line incident response teams, including engineering, IT, customer service and security, a self-service way to run automated machine-centric workflows – or runbooks – that prevent, diagnose and resolve incidents at the push of a button, without needing to escalate to an expert.  Customers have experienced up to 50% reduction in incident response time using Rundeck’s automated runbooks, greatly improving team productivity and reducing poor customer experience.

  • Does the PagerDuty sales team start selling Rundeck as of today? Shall I contact my sales rep for more information?

    Please feel free to reach out to your PagerDuty sales representative. They will be happy to connect you with the appropriate Rundeck sales person and help get you connected with information or help facilitate any transaction. Rundeck will be sold and supported primarily through the Rundeck team as part of PagerDuty. You should expect the same levels of professionalism, support and courtesy that you experience today with PagerDuty.

  • How does the acquisition impact your newly launched pricing plans? Will it have an impact on my PagerDuty price?

    The pricing for our Rundeck offering will be completely independent of our existing PagerDuty pricing. This acquisition will have no impact on your current pricing for PagerDuty products.

  • How does this impact other automation integrations you have?

    The automation landscape is broad and PagerDuty will continue to support and integrate across it to ensure our customers can leverage whatever automation technologies they wish, with full control and visibility on our platform. Rundeck exclusively provides human and machine focused diagnostic and remediation automation that is fully aligned to our core Digital Operations Platform charter, focus, and roadmap.

  • Can PagerDuty customers get access to the capabilities in RunDeck? 

    We are excited to now offer Rundeck as part of the PagerDuty family of offerings. Please reach out to your sales representative to determine how Rundeck might be a great fit for you. Rundeck technology is fully integrated and supported with PagerDuty today.

  • How and when will RunDeck be integrated into the PagerDuty platform? Will it be called Rundeck?

    PagerDuty announced integration with Rundeck enterprise on June 24th, 2020 and will continue to support and develop deeper integrations going forward. Rundeck runbooks can be executed from within the PagerDuty interface and are stored in the PagerDuty Service Directory, enabling entire organizations to execute powerful automation routines from directly inside of a PagerDuty incident response workflow.

  • I already use Rundeck as an integration, how will this change impact me?

    We continue to support the Rundeck integration and will develop deeper integrations going forward.

  • Will there be any disruption to services?

    None at all, your services will continue to be delivered as before.

  • How does RunDeck align with PagerDuty’s business model / culture?

    Rundeck has more than 150 enterprise and mid-market customers worldwide and an active open source community of more than 60,000 users. Like PagerDuty, Rundeck is relied upon by frontline incident response teams, including engineering, IT, customer service and security. It empowers users with a self-service method to run automated machine-centric workflows – or runbooks – that prevent, diagnose, and resolve incidents at the push of a button. No matter their level of expertise, a responder can use Rundeck to resolve incidents fast without having to escalate.

    In bringing Rundeck and PagerDuty together, we’ve created something truly powerful, and industry leading that will make life better for customers. We can now automate that unpredictable, emergent work for people and machines, from prevention and diagnosis, through mobilizing and orchestrating teams, to recovery, remediation and learning: the entire incident response lifecycle.

    Ultimately, for PagerDuty customers, this means they can resolve faster, reduce costs and protect customer experience. They get back precious time to focus on innovation.

  • I have more questions, where do I go?

    Please feel free to contact us.