Reduce Toil And Focus On Work That Matters

Enable teams to take the right action in real time—every time.

How Can Automation Benefit You?

Technology organizations are constantly under pressure to do more with less. With the explosion in both complexity and quantity of applications and digital infrastructure that teams need to support, it’s becoming even more critical for IT teams to invest in automation. Otherwise, they’ll get buried under a mountain of routine, low-value work that only continues to grow. Plus, reducing toil for IT professionals makes for happier teams.

Get started with runbook automation using Rundeck and enable anyone in your organization to have self-service access to IT operations tasks, freeing up your subject matter experts’ time.

Automation Helps You Mature Your IT Operations

Shorter incidents. Fewer escalations.
Use runbook automation to head off incidents with auto-remediation. Then equip first responders with standard runbooks for use during incidents to eliminate unnecessary escalations.
Put an end to tickets for routine work.
Democratize access to standard IT procedures with self-service operations. Let engineering and other teams perform approved operations tasks without raising tickets and waiting in queues.
Share operations knowledge where it is used.
Don’t rely on tribal knowledge inside the heads of one or two experts. Create standard operating procedures that enable faster resolution of incidents.

Get started easily using existing automation

Leverage your existing investments in scripts, tools, API calls or written manual procedures to get started in minutes. No programming needed.

Invoke automation actions right from within PagerDuty

Automatically resolve known issues by executing runbooks with no human intervention. Give responders diagnostic information automatically collected by Rundeck, all within the PagerDuty incident timeline. Invoke remediation runbooks right from PagerDuty response plays.

Increase compliance and security posture

Gain full compliance oversight, with granular access controls and a complete audit trail of all Rundeck actions. Safely store sensitive security credentials for remote access in Rundeck rather than on insecure laptops.

“We found that TTR [Time to Repair] is reduced by 25 minutes per incident for apps where we use Rundeck than where we don’t.”

Shaun Norris

Global Head, Cloud Infrastructure, Standard Chartered Bank