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Over 25,000 response teams count on us to help them deliver a perfect digital experience to their customers, every time. The fact is: When you need to be always on, you don’t want anything less than the best. For your business, for your customers, and for your response efforts.

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Why choose PagerDuty over Opsgenie?

Superior reliability,
superior value

We don’t have scheduled maintenance windows—ever—so you’ll never miss a critical alert.

  • Bank on our SLAs for increased uptime and more notifications
  • Get extra help with our additional support options

Better, smarter,
faster resolutions

Resolve incidents faster with more context, from wherever you are.

  • Run a complete incident response entirely from your phone
  • Cross team mobilization in seconds with powerful automation and intelligent alerting

situational awareness

We give you full visibility into your incidents in real time, while basic tools only show you what happened after the fact.

  • Quickly understand the services involved as well as the business impact
  • Rally your entire org’s response faster and keep everyone informed right away
“We found that PagerDuty has the most advanced and streamlined tool on the market. And people really liked its UI the best.”

Matt Kundrat
Sr. Manager of Production Support

“My favorite thing about PagerDuty is just how reliable it is. It’s been a rock-solid platform and has really helped us in our mission to reduce downtime.”

Andrew Fong
Head of Infrastructure

“When every second counts, our business counts on PagerDuty.”

Eric Yuan
CEO & Founder

664M 1

Incidents handled


Services created 2


Countries covered 3


Reduction in incidents per team member 4


Average reduced time to troubleshoot 5


Average savings per year for a team of 10 6

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No scheduled maintenance windows, ever

We have no maintenance windows or scheduled downtime: Rest assured in PagerDuty’s availability.

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Advanced machine learning

Intelligent Alert Grouping (IAG) uses a real time machine learning algorithm to match alerts together based on alert history and human interaction - reducing noise fatigue and finding the root cause of an issue faster.

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PagerDuty is now in Agency review for FedRamp

Ensure your security needs are satisfied. Customers that work with Federal government data and private sector organizations both benefit from a demonstrated commitment to operating under strict standards.

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All business plans include unlimited API calls

Ensure API limits don't prevent calls, such as Create Alert, List Alerts, Close Alert, Get Schedule, to your incident response tool

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All business plans include unlimited SMS and Voice Notifications

Ensure a maximum number of SMS or voice notifications doesn't prevent your responders from getting essential alerts

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Data organized and saved by service, not by team.

Don’t overhaul existing response setups every time your team changes/reorgs. Remove rigid team dependencies and replace with a flexible approach - maintain business data and reporting organization even when teams are merged or moved.

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700+ integrations, including 300+ monitoring/observability integrations

Work the way you want to: With more than 700+ integrations. Become vendor agnostic with over 300 monitoring/observability specific integrations.

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Orchestrate effective responses with customizable automated incident response workflows.

Reduce manual work with complex, customizable responses that automatically triggers a variety of actions (mobilize additional responders, spinup incident-specific Slack channel/conference bridge(s), and more - Incident Workflows ensure no steps are missed when responding to critical issues.

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Custom fields that allow automatic consolidation of data fields from other systems to enrich incidents

Aggregate critical information from business services into one place using Custom Fields without all the extra clicks, logins and copy/pastes. Upon incident creation, Custom Fields will take important info from other systems of record and surface it to responders fingertips.

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Automated actions that can reduce resolution times and disruptive escalations

Easily develop and execute custom logic using PagerDuty Automation Actions and Custom Incident Actions. Whether your logic is staged outside of PagerDuty or housed in PagerDuty Runbook jobs, access both using PagerDuty.

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Improve operational maturity with cross-account insights and reporting

Gain operational clarity with PagerDuty Insights. Stakeholders and leadership can easily measure the impact of incidents on their Response Teams and business. View the incident impact of responding individuals/teams and escalation policies plus metrics on incident activity related to particular services.

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10 years of machine and human interaction data

Get actionable intelligent insights, not static reporting: With years of data underpinning our advanced analytics, our dashboards illustrate the true impact of incidents on teams, customers, and business.

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