OVO Energy Powers Digital Transformation With PagerDuty

Size: 1,000 – 5,000 Employees

Industry: Energy

Location: Bristol, UK

Customer Since: 2019

Key Integrations:


OVO Energy is the UK’s largest independent energy technology company and supplier. Across the group, OVO serves 1.5 million customers with intelligent energy services. Founded in 2009, OVO redesigned the energy experience to be fairer, greener, and simpler for all. Today, OVO is no longer simply an energy retail business: it is a group of innovative, dynamic companies, all striving to harness technological advances with great consumer propositions to create more affordable clean energy for everyone.

PagerDuty has helped OVO’s engineering teams with maintaining the applications and microservices they build, creating a more streamlined process. As a result, PagerDuty has helped OVO with:

  • Quickly building on a consistent on-call policy as the company grows and new teams are formed.
  • Providing a single solution with enough integrations so their autonomous engineering teams don’t have to compromise on their chosen monitoring tools.
  • Drawing incident response data from services running on multiple platforms under different brands into one place for greater visibility.

Powering Up Incident Management With PagerDuty

OVO wanted to automate escalation processes so teams could take action faster, leading to greater efficiency. With PagerDuty, OVO was able to significantly reduce their MTTA and MTTR. PagerDuty also helped OVO identify the incidents that took longer to resolve so teams could take steps to continually improve to reduce the chances of recurrence.

Additionally, PagerDuty’s ecosystem of 350+ integrations allowed OVO to consolidate and centralize their alerts from various monitoring tools, such as CloudWatch, Datadog, and Slack, into one centralized place.

Today, OVO Energy is able to:

“PagerDuty Analytics helped reduce our MTTA by 97% and our MTTR by 70%,” shared Tom Shaw, an Engineering Operations Analyst at OVO.

Charging Forward With PagerDuty

OVO Energy will continue to implement PagerDuty into teams across the organization, including Engineering Operations, Product Support, and feature teams. “We now have 15 engineering and support teams across retail brands using PagerDuty,” Shaw said.

“The extensive range of integrations offered by PagerDuty and the ease with which they can be configured and customized are valuable to our autonomous engineering teams, who are free to explore and adopt the tools that best suit their needs,” Shaw explained.

To learn more about how PagerDuty is helping companies transform their digital operations management in the UK, U.S., and abroad, try PagerDuty today.