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Many modern ITOps and DevOps teams count on Slack to keep everyone on the same page when things are running smoothly—and perhaps even more so when they aren’t. PagerDuty’s Slack integration allows teams to use PagerDuty’s powerful real-time operations platform, often without having to leave Slack. Slack users can do things like reassigning or escalating an incident and viewing additional incident context—all from within Slack. The PagerDuty platform also allows users to create an incident war room Slack channel from within PagerDuty, adding additional users to it as the situation evolves.

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Drive Real-Time Operations with Slack

Work where you are
Create, escalate, and gather more context about a PagerDuty incident—all from within Slack.
Run response plays
Drive real-time operations for your enterprise from within Slack, including running response plays.
Create Slack channels
Create a new or join an existing war room (or any Slack channel) and add additional responders from PagerDuty.
Act on Slack notifications
Run a custom incident response play and add responders directly from a Slack notification.
View on-call in Slack
Teams can view up-to-date PagerDuty on-call information and timelines from within Slack.
Trigger an incident
Teams can trigger a PagerDuty custom incident from Slack.
Connect ops teams
From NOCs to DevOps, connect disparate Ops teams to a common incident management framework.
Align permissions
Easily align your team’s set of PagerDuty permissions with Slack users.
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PagerDuty + Slack

Using the PagerDuty integration with Slack, users can generate, acknowledge, and resolve PagerDuty incidents directly within the Slack app.

"Our teams have dedicated Slack channels for their alerts, and PagerDuty is integrated into each of them. So straight away, you can see when there's a serious problem, you can see when someone acknowledges it, and you can see that it's being resolved—all in one channel. That means, in terms of recovery, there's just one log for that particular product."

Tom Clark, Head of Common Platform—ITV



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