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Dynamically automate work across teams of experts to rapidly drive critical issues to resolution and at the same time drive coordinated response while keeping business stakeholders informed in real-time, all from Slack.

Our Slack integration allows organizations to use PagerDuty’s powerful real-time Cloud operations platform, without leaving Slack. Aside from triggering and acknowledging incidents, Slack users can reassign, escalate and view additional incident context—all from within Slack. The PagerDuty platform allows users to create an incident-specific Slack channel with a dynamic conference bridge, bringing additional users as needed, all from Slack.

Incident responders can now deploy scriptable diagnostics and remediation with Rundeck Actions directly from Slack.

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Drive Real-Time Operations with Slack


Create a PagerDuty incident from Slack

During collaboration, incident responders can quickly turn a slack message into a PagerDuty Incident with a Slack Workflow or slash command



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PagerDuty + Slack

Using the PagerDuty integration with Slack, users can generate, acknowledge, and resolve PagerDuty incidents directly within the Slack app.

"Our teams have dedicated Slack channels for their alerts, and PagerDuty is integrated into each of them. So straight away, you can see when there's a serious problem, you can see when someone acknowledges it, and you can see that it's being resolved—all in one channel. That means, in terms of recovery, there's just one log for that particular product."

Tom Clark, Head of Common Platform—ITV

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