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New Native Slack functionality from PagerDuty – Available Now

At PagerDuty we invest a significant part of our time listening to our customers.  From what we have learned from those conversations we are adding a new set of features to our Slack Integration. These features will make leveraging PagerDuty from Slack even more seamless and allow Incident Responders to conduct their work without switching context, expediting response times, and ultimately maintaining high customer satisfaction.

The following features are now available in  the latest Slack V2 on Webhooks V3 Integration.

Slack Single Connection Management Page.  Having a single page for integration management reduces the number of clicks required for configuration, thus eliminating steps and accelerating time to value.  Among other features, this page provides  Many-to-Many workspace to PagerDuty mapping as well as connecting a PagerDuty team to a Slack Channel.

Dedicated Stakeholder updates channels and Easy access for responders to post internal incident updates  The Stakeholder channel is different from the incident channel and it allows stakeholders to view pertinent incident details and updates without slowing down the responders. Responders are able to author Stakeholder Updates and Resolution Notes from Slack, without switching context.

Diagnose and remediate with Flexible Rundeck Actions. Now incident responders can deploy scriptable diagnostics and remediation actions directly from Slack. To learn more about Rundeck Actions on Slack please read this blog.

We expect these updates to help you work directly from Slack. Please stay tuned as we are adding new enhancements soon so that you can continue to work where you work.

A quick reminder for our users coming from versions before Slack V2, please make sure that your admin has performed the Slack migration to Slack V2 on Webhooks V3 so that you can take advantage of these and all upcoming features.  If you have any questions, please reach out to support (support email). If you are not our customer yet, please sign up for a free 14-day trial.