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PagerDuty Automation Actions

Quickly diagnose and remediate incidents by connecting responders to corrective automation within PagerDuty.

Reduce MTTR by as much as 25%.

Speed up resolution times by helping responders quickly triage issues with automated diagnostics.

Reduce interruptions of specialists.

Resolve incidents faster with fewer escalations and keep your developers focused on building new features rather than firefighting.

Give responders the power to run automation.

Invoke corrective automation for a service and safely delegate to responders during an incident.

Product capabilities

  • Securely connect to automation in production environments
  • Automate diagnostics and remediation
  • Delegate automation to end users
  • Self-healing automation
  • Invoke automation within Slack
  • Automate from anywhere
  • Deploy from Event Orchestration
  • Resolve incidents directly from Salesforce

Automation Actions connects to production infrastructure through an Action Runner that is deployed within a firewall or VPC, and provides an encrypted connection back to the Automation Actions endpoint. Engineers can curate and publish automated functions exposed through the Runner in Automation Actions. This new automation is then available to responders when associated services are involved in an incident.

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