Work how you want with the Jeli Bot for Slack

Respond faster to incidents without complexities getting in your way. Use the Jeli bot for Slack to streamline your workflows, automate communication to stakeholders, and ensure no critical step is missed—directly in Slack.

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Open, manage, and resolve incidents directly in Slack.

Tired of incident response bots with hours of set up on process automation? Us too. Set up and start using Jeli in minutes, without having to pre-program response automation.

Mitigate risk with faster response

Work where you already are to reduce customer risk and impact during major incidents.

Save time in your investigation

Run your workflows and ensure reminders and to-dos for later don't get lost along the way.

Optimize communications

Turn Slack messages into status updates, complete actions via emoji, and more to short cut toilsome processes and achieve the same results in less time.

"With Jeli I have concrete, usable data after 90 minutes or less."

Dara Garvan Engineering Manager, Incident Management, Zendesk

Product capabilities

  • Easy to integrate and configure
  • Flexible to fit each incident
  • Here to make your life easier
  • Built to improve your operational maturity

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