Top Network Monitoring Tools 2019

Network monitoring is a critical component in an IT tech stack in order to maintain infrastructure health and help identify vulnerabilities across a system’s environment. Network monitoring systems are capable of detecting and reporting failures of devices, applications, and network connections, among others. It typically measures CPU utilization, network bandwidth, and other aspects of a system’s operations.

PagerDuty’s platform for real-time operations gives teams the ability to consolidate and centralize their entire suite of network monitoring tools so that they can view, manage, and take action through one single pane of glass. Our ecosystem of over 350+ integrations helps drive this full stack visibility for IT teams of all models and sizes.

Check out some of PagerDuty’s popular network monitoring tool integrations below. 

  1. Amazon Cloudwatch
  2. Amazon CloudWatch is a monitoring and observability service built for DevOps engineers, SREs, and developers. CloudWatch provides you with data and actionable insights to optimize resource utilization, respond to system-wide performance monitoring, and get a unified view of operational health. There are two ways that Amazon CloudWatch can be integrated with PagerDuty: via Global Event Rules or through an integration on a PagerDuty Service. Cloudwatch Integration Guide

  3. Azure Alerts
  4. Azure offers a host of solutions to monitor your networking assets, including network connectivity, DNS analytics, and performance monitoring, and more. Integrating Azure with PagerDuty will allow you to receive alerts for platform-level metrics, Application Insights (for standard and custom metrics), Autoscale Notifications, Audit Log Events, and New Azure Alerts. Azure Alerts Integration Guide

  5. Datadog
  6. Datadog is a monitoring service built for cloud-scale applications, providing monitoring for servers, databases, tools, and services through a SaaS-based data analytics platform. There are two ways that Datadog can be integrated with PagerDuty: via Global Event Routing or through an integration on a PagerDuty Service. Datadog Integration Guide

  7. Google Stackdriver
  8. Stackdriver aggregates metrics, logs, and events, giving developers and operators a rich set of observable insights that speed root-cause analysis and help reduce MTTR. Stackdriver has implemented two-way integration with PagerDuty, so alerts from Stackdriver can automatically trigger and resolve PagerDuty incidents. Stackdriver Integration Guide

  9. Icinga
  10. Originally created as a fork of the Nagios monitoring application, Icinga is an open-source network monitoring application. Icinga gives you the power to watch any host or application across your entire infrastructure. Collected data and metrics are stored in a resource-efficient way. Icinga Integration Guide

  11. LogicMonitor
  12. LogicMonitor is an automated hybrid infrastructure monitoring and analytics solution for enterprise IT environments. Services include network monitoring, configuration management, container monitoring, amongst others. Using LogicMonitor’s monitoring combined with PagerDuty’s advanced on-call scheduling and alerting capabilities, you can be assured that you’ll be notified as soon as there is a problem within your infrastructure. LogicMonitor Integration Guide

  13. Nagios
  14. Nagios is an open-source computer software application that provides monitoring and alerting services for servers, switches, applications, and other networking services. When Nagios Core creates an alert notification for a host or service, it will send an event to a corresponding service in PagerDuty. This event will trigger a new incident on the associated PagerDuty service, or group as alerts into an existing incident. Nagios Integration Guide

  15. PRTG
  16. PRTG is an agentless network monitoring software application. It monitors system conditions like uptime, bandwidth, and collects metrics from hosts like switches, routers, servers, and other applications. Alerts generated in PRTG can trigger incidents in PagerDuty to alert the appropriate technician via SMS, phone, email, or push. PRTG Integration Guide

  17. Solarwinds
  18. SolarWinds is a provider of cloud and on-premise IT infrastructure management software. They offer network performance monitoring services that include automated capacity forecasting, alerting, and reporting, in addition to multi-vendor network monitoring. Solarwinds Integration Guide

  19. Zabbix
  20. Zabbix is an open-source monitoring solution that provides application and network monitoring services for many IT components including networks, servers, virtual machines, and cloud-based services. PagerDuty extends Zabbix’s functionality by providing on-call scheduling, alerts and incidents tracking through the PagerDuty API. PagerDuty notifies you of the most critical Zabbix events so that you are able to take immediate action. Zabbix Integration Guide

To learn more about how you can empower your team with PagerDuty’s platform for digital operations management and our partner integration ecosystem, please visit our integrations page.