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PagerDuty SMS Alerts Now Sent Via Short Code

PagerDuty’s number one priority is and will continue to be reliability. Unfortunately, reliability can be an issue with SMS messaging. However, our engineering teams have been working very hard to make sure that we provide the best possible deliverability on SMS messaging in order to continue to increase reliability. One way that we have improved […]

Getting to da Choppa! (aka: Customizing Your Android Notifications)

This blog post has been updated on 12/19/2013 to reflect the changes in the PagerDuty Android mobile application. Being a fan of Ahhhnold’s meme-worthy performance in Predator, I acquired the Get to da Choppa soudbite as a ringtone on my Android. Then I thought, “would it not be cool if pagerduty notifed me with that?” […]

Improved Scout Integration with PagerDuty

As PagerDuty fans know well, we rely on robust integrations with a host of other monitoring tools and tracking systems to allow PagerDuty to be the central command center for IT. Building on the integration we launched in June 2012 with server monitoring tool Scout, we have great news to report! The Scout team has […]

Mobile site improvements

We take our hackdays pretty seriously at PagerDuty, and we’re excited that new features and write-ups are starting to trickle out from our most recent one. The first feature to make it into the product comes from our head of product for our ever-improving mobile site experience. Mobile On-Call Display, shows you whether you are […]