Improved Scout Integration with PagerDuty

by Alisa Liebowitz February 27, 2013 | 2 min read

ScoutAs PagerDuty fans know well, we rely on robust integrations with a host of other monitoring tools and tracking systems to allow PagerDuty to be the central command center for IT. Building on the integration we launched in June 2012 with server monitoring tool Scout, we have great news to report!

The Scout team has added support that allows you to integrate PagerDuty through multiple Services and Escalation Policies. This new feature will help if you need to route your Scout alerts to different teams based on thresholds, servers and/or applications.

PagerDuty Scout integration screenshot

Scout’s new Notification Groups feature allow you to define different notification groups and let you add multiple PagerDuty services, assign them to different notification groups, and specify which triggers go to which notification groups!

In addition, you can now trigger specific PagerDuty services at defined thresholds. For example, you could create threshold A that activates PagerDuty integration #1, and threshold B that activates PagerDuty Integration #2. These integrations can be associated to different escalation policies so that you would be notified differently, according to your configuration, based on type of alert.

Get your hands on it

We at PagerDuty are very excited about these improvements in Scout Integration so please feel free to test drive it by creating trial accounts in PagerDuty and Scout!