PagerDuty SMS Alerts Now Sent Via Short Code

- May 3, 2013

PagerDuty’s number one priority is and will continue to be reliability. Unfortunately, reliability can be an issue with SMS messaging. However, our engineering teams have been working very hard to make sure that we provide the best possible deliverability on SMS messaging in order to continue to increase reliability.


One way that we have improved the delivery rate of SMS PagerDuty alerts is that PagerDuty alerts are now being sent via short code. US cell carriers pre-approve SMS traffic from our short code so SMS alerts should now be more reliable in terms of deliverability across all carriers.

Any PagerDuty SMS alerts sent to a US phone number will be sent from PDUTY (738-89) and any failover will be sent via any of these long codes. This change will vastly minimize any issues our customers have experienced with receiving SMS alerts in the US.

For PagerDuty short code responses, standard text messaging rates should apply.

We are extremely excited about short codes and, as always, would love to hear your feedback! Please reach out to us at support at

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  • Michael Downey

    Hmm, is this why I’m not receiving text notifications on my Google Voice number any more?

  • Adam Covati

    Very cool, now I can assign a text tone for text messages from you guys. That makes my day!

  • Ryan Hoskin

    Google voice doesn’t like short codes, but it should failover to one of our alternative providers using a long code number. Please contact us at for further troubleshooting.

  • Michael Downey

    Thanks, all set now. (The problem was on my end.)

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    Ryan Hoskin, May 10 10:24 (PDT)

    I assisted Michael in re-configuring his notification methods. His SMS was configured to send 10 minutes after he was assigned to an incident. After conducting a few tests we verified that he is able to get PagerDuty SMS notifications to both his Google Voice and AT&T numbers.
    I also advised the customer that his trial expires today and let him know that he can contact us if he needs assistance in getting setup.


    Disqus, May 09 13:53 (PDT)

  • Nicolas De loof

    This completely breaks on my android phone, getting alerts in France (Orange operator).
    The incoming message are displayed as sent from a generic “SMS” and I can’t reply them to escalate/acknoledge

  • / PagerDuty

    Short codes aren’t active in France, it’s for U.S. users only. Can you contact for further troubleshooting?