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The CIO’s Pocket Guide to AIOps

When dealing with issues in complex systems and sifting through huge datasets, the fact is: People need help.

And that’s what AIOps is built for. It’s automation and machine learning (read: algorithms, math, and statistics) that can make real-time work more coherent and easier to manage.

Check out this AIOps pocket guide for:

  • An honest take on what AIOps can (and can’t) do for digital businesses today
  • Tips to help build trust in AIOps across your organization
  • Four key criteria you can use to evaluate an AIOps solution and find the right one for your needs
  • An overview of PagerDuty’s AIOps solution—which is easy to set up, requires no data science expertise, and delivers immediate value

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"PagerDuty is a critical part of our alerting mechanisims and has helped us handle issues at all times of the night. We'd be pretty unhappy without it."

- Mike Fiedler