Hypercare Readiness Checklist

Whether it’s Black Friday or a new product release, “hypercare” is what’s needed on your biggest days. Hypercare is the state of elevated support that is required to maintain system availability and performance during periods of expected surges in traffic.

Getting your team ready for hypercare mode is crucial in order to maintain system availability and performance during those peak traffic times.

Check out our Hypercare Readiness Checklist and make sure you’re prepared. It includes a red-yellow-green reference scale and six pro tips to help you with:

  • Implementing code freezes
  • Communicating with stakeholders
  • Load testing and capacity planning

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"The PagerDuty Operations Cloud is critical for TUI. This is what is actually going to help us grow as a business when it comes to making sure that we provide quality services for our customers."

- Yasin Quareshy, Head of Technology at TUI