Best Practices for Monitoring

Reduce Outages and Downtime

Effective monitoring has a huge impact on your business and customers. Without the proper systems in place, your product might go down, giving you an unreliable business that your customers can no longer trust. A lot of damage can occur when your team misses an issue in your infrastructure that negatively impacts customers’ experiences.

That’s why it’s worth spending the time to develop an intelligent, streamlined way to monitor and detect issues before they become critical, and respond to system events efficiently.

It’s tempting to just cobble together an ad hoc alert system in your free time or not create one at all. Don’t fall into that trap. This guide is here to help.

In this ebook:

  • Best practices for monitoring system events
  • How to create an effective monitoring strategy
  • What to monitor vs what to avoid
  • How to ensure your team responds quickly